Licence relinquishment

A licensee can relinquish a licence at any time. A licensee can also surrender acreage from a production licence at any time.

Offshore licence surrenders and determinations are processed through the Energy Portal using the PEARS process.

Onshore (and with rare exception Offshore) licence surrender and determination applications should be submitted using a licence determination form for each licence. Completed forms should be submitted to

The surrender of acreage from a licence does not remove any company from a licence, even a company that is left with no beneficial interest under a JOA. The withdrawl of such a company must be implemented separately by an assignment.

Relinquishment reporting

Relinquishment reports have been required on all licences issued since the 21st Round offshore production. Reports are also required for onshore licences. The reports must comply with the guidelines for writing relinquishment reports (PDF, 303KB, 2 pages) and be submitted within three months of the request

View the relinquishment reports submitted by operators for specific blocks

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